Although this is a Superspeciality hospital, you can come for very simple problems like Diarrhea, fever, a simple corn on foot, indigestion, pain in abdomen.

OPD timings are 10am to 1pm and 6 PM to 8pm.

However, you must call the hospital before coming, so that the receptionist will be able to guide you about when to come.

If you give your mobile number. They will also call you back when the consultant is free to see you.

Yes, you can : our Resident doctors will look after you, give painkiller injections and even admit you in hospital if required.

 No the hospital is not costly. In order to make treatment affordable the hospital has various categories of wards.

For low cost treatment General ward is there

For medium cost you may opt for semiprivate room.

If cost is not a problem, then private and Deluxe rooms are also there.

A charitable wing is also there for non affording patients.

Yes and all emergency treatment is available. Orthopaedics , Plastic and general surgeon is available for emergency management.

You must come on empty stomach in the morning hours. You can call the hospital for guidance and timing .

 Hospital has a tie up with number of Pas. However, not all cases can be covered under cashless treatment kindly contact the accounts department and they will help you with all your queries and difficulties.

Gall stones surgery is done Laparoscopically. however it is a surgery done under General anaesthesia, hence preoperative checkup will be needed and then date can be decided mutually.

 A simple non inflamed Gall bladder surgery needs only 24 to 36 hours of hospital stay.

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